chi-siamo With its structure and experience, SIAT offers its public and private customers a wide range of services focused on environmental protection.

SIAT performs design and consulting activities, provides services in the environmental engineering field (feasibility studies, construction design and supervision, safety, environmental studies and analysis, etc.), and is highly specialized in the waste treatment, wastewater treatment, and the renewable resources sectors.

SIAT's technical activities are structured in diverse sectors that mainly regard the design and construction supervision of wastewater treatment plants, the design and construction supervision of waste treatment plants, the design of controlled waste disposal plants (landfills), construction supervision and technical management, the design of plants powered by renewable energy sources, environmental impact studies, and research projects regarding the waste and energy sectors, and environmental issues.

SIAT avails itself of the professional activity and the high level of expertise of its partners who form a team of experts capable of guaranteeing a complementary and multidisciplinary approach in design development. SIAT uses the most advanced computer tools and software in the sector.

The corporate structure is complemented with the contribution of in-house (full-time) collaborators as well as the specialized contributions of other Companies, outside consultants of proven experience, and laboratories.

SIAT also collaborates with the Sicilian Universities of Catania and Enna.