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Thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of its staff of partners and in-house and external collaborators, SIAT is able to offer integrated industrial architecture and engineering services.

A highly qualified workgroup will analyze and evaluate the architectural, engineering, financial, and environmental aspects, i.e. everything that regards the construction planning activity.

During the planning phase, great importance is placed on territorial setting in which the building will be located, so that once built, it will fit in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

All building work designed by SIAT is characterized by extraordinary architectural solutions and by a careful research of all those aspects that can help make the new building a safe, long-lasting, and beautiful structure.

SIAT participates with the building planning process starting with the search for the plot up until the installation and commissioning of the productive facility, offering all services necessary for the success of entrepreneurial initiative, which include:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Building, structural, plant, and sanitary design
  • Architectural design
  • Energy diagnosis and energy-saving studies.