consulenza ambientale


The environmental regulations are a significant part of the legal obligations that each company or entity must comply with.

It is therefore increasingly urgent to know the applicable legal provisions and how they are adopted and applied within the company.

From this perspective, environmental consulting primarily requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter of compulsory laws.

The articulation of the law, including European Community, directives and regulations, and national, regional, and local codes, requires continuous review and study.

SIAT does not just guarantee compliance for its customers with the regulations currently in force, but proposes new strategies that also lead to economic advantages for its customer as well. This result is achieved, for example, for the case of alternative energies and environmental policies for local institutions, which often have indirect advantages for the territory that are not immediately apparent but which, in the long-term, produce the greatest quality of life and the best economic benefits for an urban setting.

SIAT offers its services to public and private companies in the industry and services sector to perform consulting in matters regarding:

  • Waste management
  • Managing the obligations relative to the Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC [Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control] regulations)
  • Gas emissions
  • Liquid emissions
  • Noise pollution
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Environmental implication studies